#April #Fools #Prank with Your Buddies (april fools pranks 2017)

Huh so once again April fools day is about to come. Its just one week aware from us. People has already started pre planning to prank on April fools day with their friends and colleagues.  I am one of them and I took care of several things while planning. I have paid attention to the things like no one can be hurted by my prank on fools day. Actually it must be vital to consider such things as not all people are same and our prank may cause issues for others. So be safe from your side and prank on friends on fools day. (april fools pranks 2017)



#April #Fools #Prank with Your Buddies but with Care and Love, Don’t Hurt (april fools pranks 2017)

Try not to hurt anyone on this april fools day by choosing bad jokes or bad fools day prank ideas. Instead use your mind and choose best and cool fools day jokes or fools day pranks.

Keep some points in mind while planning your prank on Fools Day 2017 (april fools pranks 2017).

  1. No personal life pranks on fools day this year, it should not be there. Fools day is for fun not for fight. Check History of april fools day.
  2. There should be no pranks on physical health of anyone. It may cause unnecessary issues. Be sure to use only new jokes of fools day.
  3. Make sure to choose best jokes or pranks ideas on this fools day accordingly like for friends, family, teacher etc. For each and every category there is a different way to prank. Here is a list of FOOLS DAY PRANKS 2017 to choose best one.

Again its digital era, so its vital to use social media platforms like facebook, twitter, whatsapp to prank on fools day. Here is wide collection of Awesome Fools Day Pranks Ideas 2017,

School or collage going kids are always excited about the FOOL’s Day so we have the best collection of April Fools Day Jokes for them.

 So Finally Fools Paradise Is here (april fools pranks 2017).

Yup, finally once again one more time fools paradise is here to leave its beautiful instants in our memory. So make sure to use it wisely and happily.  I am about to end this article but want to give you a fools day quote at the end 😉

I said “once a fool is always a fool”.. lol isn’t? you may share your views on the same in comment section I am here to win your hearts but keep in mind I am not going to loose my mind. Have fun guys!!! Happy Fools Day 2017.(april fools pranks 2017)

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