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#April #Fools #Prank with Your Buddies (april fools pranks 2017)


Huh so once again April fools day is about to come. Its just one week aware from us. People has already started pre planning to prank on April fools day with their friends and colleagues.  I am one of them and I took care of several things while planning. I have paid attention to the […]

#10 April Fool Pranks/Jokes For Kids, Students, School, Office with Images 2017


Hello guys how are you today? I am sure you are fine. In our recent post we have already shared with you all “Top #20 April Fools Jokes & Pranks for Friends , Teachers, Lockers with Images“, “April Fool History|History of April Fools Day” and “Awesome April fools Prank, Jokes, Pictures, Images, Quotes for Facebook, […]

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